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Rayman Custom Tailors

Wide array of clothing
Readymade Items

  • Gents wedding suit& Design Suit
  • Blazer
  • Tuxedos
  • Sport Jacket
  • Safari Suits
  • Kurutha Suits
  • National Suits
  • Shirts
  • Trousers
  • Ladies Suit, Ladies Blazer ,Pants, Skirts&Blouses
  • Wear Well Supporter & Underwear
  • Signature &Rayman’s Shirt Readymade 1795/= Upwards
  • Dress Shirts (permanent press Pleat) Rs’3495/=
  • Signature Suit Rs’9995/=Upwards
  • Signature Sport Jackets Rs’5995/=
  • Signature Belt Rs’ 1795/= Upwards
  • Signature Men’s Vest, Socks, Tie & Hankies,Cuff Lines & Tie Pins

Offers a wide array of clothing and accessories for men. Rayman’s was established in 1985. Since then, the store has achieved phenomenal growth to become one of the household names in Sri Lanka

Rayman’s today is a name synonymous with high quality custom tailoring and ready-made clothes for gents. Men of distinction – be they corporate executives or the outdoor adventure zealots, bridegrooms, They also stock having made many a satisfied customer in Sri Lanka. For the complete man these brands carry a full range of fashion from clothing to accessories

Synonymous with well-tailored clothing is Raymans - a name which has stood for the past 36 years giving their clients the very best in tailored and ready-made clothing. With a reputation for a courteous service and a punctual delivery Raymans is a committed organization that delivers quantity as well as renowned quality. If you are looking to be the well dressed in the crowd, why not visit Raymans the people who can clothe you to be only the best and the outstanding in a crowd.

Rayman boasts of a fleet of skilled tailors all of whom are trained to perfection. There specialized areas of tailoring included specialized tailoring for gents

Raymans is a dedicated venture by both Mr. and Mrs. Rayman the husband and wife duo. With humble beginnings, the Rayman opened its doors to the public on the 7 of July, 1985, by catering only for the males but through the years as the demand grew, the started catering to the entire family. With branches located in Nugegoda, Raymans has also venture into other Business such as laundry service which is operating through 12 branches in the city of Colombo. Special attention is given to the customer, as Mr. Rayman personally handles them. Mr.Rayman also sees to it that the customer always gents what he asks for Raymans have a genuine interest in doing the job right. They even go the distance by spending their customers, which is a generosity that is rare in the world today.

Raymans is not only an organization which is trustworthy and genuine but is also an establishment with good people with good values, Courteous services and quality par excellence. Visit Rayman today for a cut above the rest.